The Alaska-based Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) determined that the single most destructive thing for Alaska’s Economy in the short-term was reduction or elimination of the PFD. In spite of this, for political reasons, Governor Walker unilaterally withheld half of your PFD. This is not a political issue; this is an Alaskan issue. Bill Wielechowski is suing the governor for acting beyond his powers, and Mike Dunleavy has pre-filed a bill for the 2017 session to overrule the governor’s actions by issuing the second half of the 2016 check to Alaskans.

If we want these efforts to succeed, we must stand together and take action. We must be able to show legislators and Governor Walker how many Alaskans oppose actions to take your PFD.

If you choose, we will send you alerts and updates as these measures move through the process so that your emails and calls can have an impact. You will be the first to know when your PFD is restored!

Please sign the petition below if you believe you are the best person to decide where the other half of your PFD should be spent.

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